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Menomonee Falls moms united by their children's cancer fight back to save others

Posted at 9:37 PM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 22:37:26-05

Some mothers in Menomonee Falls are part of a club they never wanted to join: They are cancer moms. Now they are uniting to help save other people's lives.

"Our son Bowen is 5-years-old and is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia," said mom Courtney Miles.

"Our child is Lincoln and he's five and he was diagnosed with acute bilineage leukemia," said mom Katie Maziasz.

"My daughter is name is Jillian and she's got neuroblastoma," said mom Christa Olsen, explaining her 5-year-old daughter's as a stage IV cancerous tumor that has spread.

"My son is Austin and he is 15. And he again, with Bowen, has ALL," said mom Sue Trzebiatowski. "None of us thought we would be cancer moms and here we are."

They found each other through the MACC Fund's Facebook group for kids with cancer.  It has made their sleepless nights and long hospital visits a little easier.

"You go to the day hospital and somebody else is already there," said Maziasz.

They thought about what they needed the most to get their children through their cancer treatments... Then decided to do something about it.

"We were all counting up all the number of transfusions that our children have gotten. And Lincoln's had 16 already. And Jilly has had 31," said Maziasz.

"We are probably at 25-30," said Trzebiatowski.

"We are probably the least at about 6," said Miles.

They're organizing a blood drive for the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, where their children's supply comes from. 

People often ask what they can do to help. The answer is simple just donate blood.

"I always think like if Bo can lay there and do what they do to him. I can put my arm out and let them take a pint of blood," said Miles.

The blood drive is will be Thursday, Dec. 6, from 1 - 7 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel, N88 W14750 Main St., Menomonee Falls, WI. Or you can call the BloodCenter or Wisconsin at 1-877-232-4376 or visit to set up an appointment to donate at anytime.