Menomonee Falls High School sets the standard for good sportsmanship

Posted at 10:03 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 23:26:29-04

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Poor sportsmanship at Wisconsin high school's came into question last school year.

Students from a Green Bay school attended a basketball game with duct tape over their mouths. They were upset over a memo the WIAA sent out reminding students to avoid negative chants during games.

In Elkhorn, students were accused of yelling racial slurs at players from Beloit Memorial High School during a girls soccer match.

Menomonee Falls High School doesn't have a problem with negative fans, and the school credits an annual event.

"We try to bring ourselves up instead of bringing the other team down," explained Elena Beck, Menomonee Falls student section leader.

The Menomonee Falls student section hasn't always had a positive reputation.

"In 2012 the WIAA reprimanded Menomonee Falls High School for being some of the worst sports and we needed to change something," said Ryan Anderson, Menomonee Falls Director of Athletics and Activities.

The athletic director started a fan boot camp to remind students how to act at games and select leaders for the student cheering section.

"I think it works because you have so many great students that just love to come and cheer on the teams and love to be part of the community," said Jake Sutherland, Menomonee Falls student section leader. 

The school has won the WIAA Sportsmanship Award the past three years. The athletic director believes other school's can receive the award if they put in the effort.

"If they can promote the sportsmanship and share how valued it is to the school and to the community I think that's when the change starts happening," explained Anderson.