Menomonee Falls couple on board American Airlines flight during extreme turbulence

Posted at 8:08 AM, Aug 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-07 11:42:50-04

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Ten people were injured when an American Airlines flight heading from Athens to Philadelphia encountered extreme turbulence on Saturday. A couple from Menomonee Falls on that flight recounted the chaotic scene. 

"There was a girl right in front of us, in fact right in front of Ann, that did not have her seatbelt on and she hit the ceiling," said Dwayne Jobst, who was traveling with his wife Ann back from a Mediterranean cruise. 

They said the flight was 30 minutes away from landing in Philadelphia and the flight attendants were doing their final drink service when suddenly the plane hit turbulence. 

"It was like riding a roller coaster you went up and then you went down," said Dwayne. 

American Airlines says seven crew members and three passengers received injuries and were taken to the hospital. 

"We saw a number of people with ice packs on their head one had a towel that looked like there had been some bleeding," the couple said. 

They also noticed drinks spray the ceiling and heard people screaming. But in the aftermath, the couple says the crew made sure everyone was OK. 

"Hats off to the flight attendants for the job they did," said Dwayne. "Even in injury, they were injured themselves but making sure all the passengers were taken care of."

Even though the couple barely made their connection and lost luggage as a result, they're thankful they weren't hurt. Plus they said they learned a valuable lesson about wearing a seatbelt.
"Many times I know on those long flights, it was a 12 hr flight, you try and get some sleep," said Dwayne. "It seems uncomfortable but I think I'll be buckling mine every time I fly now." 
There were 287 passengers and 12 crew members on the flight at the time. American Airlines says everyone taken to the hospital has been released.