Men posing as We Energies workers rob woman in Bay View

The robbery along south Robinson Avenue
Posted at 5:18 PM, Oct 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-02 18:18:17-04

MILWAUKEE -- A Bay View woman was robbed in her home by two men posing as utility workers on Friday.

She said she hopes that by sharing her terrifying story others will be more aware.

The robbery happened at approximately 3 p.m. along south Robinson Avenue.

The woman said she was home alone and resting on her sofa when she heard a knock on her back door.

A young man, dressed in green reflective gear and a white hard hat, was at her door.

“He said he was with We Energies and he said he needed to work in my basement because they were having electrical problems across the street,” said the victim who we are only identifying as Nora.

She lives across the street from condos being built on south Robinson, which is why she didn’t hesitate to open the door.

“I turn around and he had already made his way in, and had the revolver to my forehead,” she said.

After demanding money, the suspect ordered her to get on the kitchen floor. 

Then something strange happened. He pulled out his phone and appeared to be recording the robbery, which she believes was perhaps part of a gang initiation.

“He had the phone like way closer to me. And then I could hear like his Facebook – he was just communicating,” she said.

Through the reflection on the oven glass, she realized the suspect had not gone alone.

“When I seen the second guy I thought 'they're going to rape me. My husband’s going to find me dead on my floor,'”she said.

Thankfully she wasn’t harmed. The men posing as utility workers made aware with about $180 dollars from her purse sitting on the kitchen counter. The men did not search the home or taken any items.

While there were security cameras in the home, they had not been set to record.  A mistake she has corrected with her ADT security system.

Police in District 2 are investigating the armed robbery but said they could not provide any information.

“I would hate for anybody to have that happen to them,” she said.

We Energies said they were aware of the woman's story and said workers always wear gear with the company’s logo and carry photo IDs.

When in doubt, a spokesperson said customers can call the company to verify service. They also said it is company policy to notify customers prior to arriving.