Men gather in Milwaukee park for city-wide prayer

Posted at 8:25 PM, Oct 07, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- In the ups and downs of today's world, sometimes the only thing we can do, is try to come together and strive for better, and that's exactly what a group of people decided to do in Milwaukee.

"We are men of God that are actually committed to the city of Milwaukee," John Hudson said.

John Hudson, president of Kingdom Men Fellowship, and his friends in faith gathered in Sherman Park for a city wide prayer Saturday morning. Hudson's group helped organize the prayer. According to Hudson, Kingdom Men Fellowship is a dedicated to building stronger families, communities, and churches in an effort to foster healing and wholeness in a city and nation Hudson describes as divided.

"The state of this city right now is in shambles and it's reflective of this country," Hudson said.

According Reginald Hudson, the group's vice president, the rate a which people are killed and injured in the city of Milwaukee due to gun violence and reckless driving is startling. Just Friday there were two major car crashes in the city, one involving a school bus and the other involving a police squad car, both the result of police pursuing stolen vehicles.

"We have to take the initiative," Reginald Hudson said.

"We can't just sit on the couch, we can't just pass the buck to anybody else we have to step up as men and make a difference," he continued.

And as men, they're gathered together , and they prayed, hoping to sew a seed of difference in a city they say desperately needs change.

"We don't have to be church as usual," John Hudson said.

"We should be the church of difference," he continued.

The group plans to gather at Sherman Park again in six months for another prayer, but until then they said they'll be busy engaging in more community outreach efforts throughout the city.