Mega Millions lottery stands at a record $868 million, shattering previous record set in 2012

Posted at 3:21 PM, Oct 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-17 16:36:52-04

MILWAUKEE -- It takes money to make money, especially when it comes to winning the Mega Millions —that’s why Robert Matthews said he has no problem shelling out some dough. 

“You gotta buy a ticket in order to dream big right? Because you gotta be in it to win it,” Matthews said.  

With an early morning purchase of a Mega Millions ticket, there’s no doubt Matthews is in it, but the real question is what are his odds of winning. 

"Are you more likely to win, or are the Brewers more likely to win the world series,” I asked.  

“Oh, the Brewers for sure. The Brewers are going to win it, right?” Matthews said.  

The odds of winning the second largest jackpot in US history aren’t really in anyone’s favor, but Shawn Diersen said he might just have the winning one.

“It better be [the winning ticket]. I don’t think anybody else should buy one,” Diersen said.  

Diersen also said there’s no true rhyme or reason to the way he plays. 

“[I] just [play] when it gets big, for two bucks it’s worth it,” Diersen said.  

He doesn’t select specific numbers, he instead opts for the quick pick, but sales clerk Lydia Yost said if she were on the other side of the counter playing the lottery she would go into it with a game plan. 

“[I would pick] anything ending in six. Like 36, 66. Nothing ending in four, four is my unlucky number,” Yost said. 

The next Mega Millions drawing for the $868 million jackpot is Friday.