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Meet Wisconsin's top-rated high school prep baseball player, Noah Miller

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 19:57:16-05

OZAUKEE — "I wanna play Major League baseball someday," Noah Miller says.

Miller is a seriously competitive senior in baseball and Ozaukee's all-time leading scorer in boys hoops.

"It's kind of cool when people are like 'hey man, like you're really good. Like it was awesome competing against you.' I mean in my last basketball game, or in my like third to last basketball game, I broke the school record for scoring," Miller says. "And I mean so many people were congratulating me. I mean, it's kind of awesome but at the same time, we lost that game so I was like, 'c'mon man!'"

He also has some serious flow.

"Last year I had a mullet going. And now it's just, it's more just like, all going back. And I mean, I don't know, it looks good in a hat. I like it. I like the curls. It's just flow," Miller says.

But his passion is baseball is fueled by being a fan.

"Going to the Brewers on deck. Getting signatures. I have a hat that's signed by a bunch of Brewers. That was another thing that led to me loving the game," Miller says.

Lance Allan asked who was his prize autograph was.

"I think I had Zack Greinke's autograph back then," Miller says.

And that's why this shortstop comes to Hitters in Caledonia.

"Obviously there's snow on the ground right now. You can't be going outside," Miller says. "This is the nicest facility in the state of Wisconsin, and it is awesome. You get so many ground balls in here. You get so many reps off the tee. Off the machines. Off of BP. You can face live pitching in here. It's honestly, I mean the best thing that RJ could have done for us."

To prove he belongs.

"People are starting to realize that the Midwest and guys from the north, are the real deal now," Miller says.

As Wisconsin's top-rated high school player, he has a scholarship to Alabama waiting. But he's also waiting for the Major League Baseball draft.

"If it takes me to Alabama, if I get the opportunity in the draft, it's, I mean it's just kind of what happens this spring and summer, and I don't try to think too far ahead into the future," Miller says.

And his older brother by six years, Owen, is in Cleveland's organization.

"I see us playing pro ball together. Or against each other," Miller says.

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