MCTS driver helps two teens in danger

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 11:49:36-05
MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County Transit Service driver is being praised for her decision to pull over for two teens who appeared in danger.
In a photo sent to TODAY'S TMJ4 earlier this week, it showed a photo of a police officer with his gun drawn and a woman with scissors in her hand. The woman was later taken into custody for mental health concerns.
MCTS said the driver followed her instincts and training in providing a safe haven for the girls. They report she then called dispatch, who called Milwaukee police.
"She pulled over, they got on her bus and actually used her bus as a safe haven," said Brendan Conway with MCTS.
It's an unusual situation, but MCTS said they train drivers to handle cases just like it.
James Macon, the Transit Union president, disagrees drivers get this training.
"That was something that the driver basically did on their own," he said.
MCTS said it's an example of how their bus drivers go above and beyond to serve.
"Our drivers are the eyes and ears of the community," Conway said.
Which is why the union has some questions about bus safety.
"Why can't they call 911? Why can't the drivers get out of their seat? You in the back of the bus getting beat up, guess what? Driver's going to watch and call dispatchers." Macon said.
MCTS said that's so drivers can keep all passengers safe.
"A driver needs to focus on making sure that the bus is pulled over or at least stopped," Conway said. "And then doing everything they can to help any passengers who might be there."
Whatever the disagreement over bus safety, both parties agree, this driver made the right decision to get two teens out of harms way.
"We applaud that operator," said Michael Bautch, the vice president of the transit union.
The two girls looking for help are both OK. No one was hurt in this incident.