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Marquette women's basketball headed to the NCAA tournament

Posted at 6:37 PM, Mar 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-16 19:37:03-04

MILWAUKEE — Tom Petty sang it: the waiting is the hardest part. The Marquette women's basketball team sweated it out for a while. But now the Golden Eagles know they will face Virginia Tech Sunday at 11 a.m. in the NCAA Tournament.

"Well, thanks guys for hanging in with us for a few extra minutes. We had to wait a long time didn't we?" Marquette Women's Basketball Head Coach Megan Duffy says. "Just completely thrilled to see our name come across the bracket. We had maybe a little bit longer than any head coach wants to, but just thrilled to be able to just see the benefits of this incredible year in so many ways. I'm excited about the matchup against Virginia Tech, and just to see our two seniors celebrate and the rest of the team together was special. And in a year where it's difficult to make some different memories, I just loved just the whole atmosphere here on the Al McGuire Center court."

"It was great to see us," Marquette Forward Lauren Van Kleunen says. "It was getting towards the end. We were getting a little, I guess, impatient in a way. We knew our name was coming, but very, very excited to see. You know, especially after last year, not being able to have the NCAA tournament."

"Super like surreal," Marquette Guard Jordan King says. "Obviously from a young age, kind of, we've all dreamed of this moment. And for this to be my first time is so exciting. And you know just, your heart starts racing because this is what you've worked for, and we've worked for all season, so it's just a super exciting moment, and you know, we can't wait to get down there."

The entire 64 team tournament will be played in San Antonio, Texas.

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