Marquette University hosts Thanksgiving dinner for those who couldn't make it home

Posted at 8:06 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 21:09:32-05
A big Thanksgiving celebration at Marquette University served more than 100 students who weren't able to make it home for the holiday.  
For some students, it was their first taste of American culture. Jericho is from China and he's had lots of fun getting the free Thanksgiving meal.
"This is real different from when I was in China," said Jericho.
The turkey, green beans and mashed potatoes were as good as it gets for the Marquette graduate student who couldn't make it home for the holiday.
"Actually this is my first Thanksgiving in the U.S,” said Jericho.
And he's pleased the university is allowing him to experience this.
"I think it's really good actually," said Jericho.
Scooping veggies and helping out the event means much more to psychology professor, Astrida Kaugars.
"It is rewarding, it's nice to be here," said Kaugars. "It's nice that there are so many volunteers as well. So many people from Marquette who are willing to help."
She says it's all about giving back and getting into the holiday spirit. She even brought her kids out to help volunteer.
"It's a great opportunity for them to see that they can help in their community…I want them to have the experience of helping in the community," said Kaugars.
Astrida says most likely her family will be back next year to volunteer. She says this will become a family tradition. The dinner is provided in memory of Rev. William McEvoy. He first provided this annual dinner for students during the 1950's.