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Marquette poll: Possible 2024 presidential matchups show Biden victory

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Posted at 5:46 AM, Jan 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-27 10:51:41-05

MILWAUKEE — The latest poll from Marquette University's law school shows President Joe Biden winning the 2024 election if he takes on Former President Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Marquette polled the two different matchups and both showed Biden running equally well against either Republican.

The survey was conducted from January 10 through January 21 and included 1,000 adults nationwide. The poll has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Biden or DeSantis

The poll showed if Biden ran against DeSantis in 2024, Biden would receive 41% of the votes, while 33% would vote for DeSantis.

18% of voters said they would vote for someone else, and 8% of the people polled said they would not vote.

Of the Republicans polled, 4% said they'd vote for President Biden, while 81% said they would vote for DeSantis. Of the Democrats, 1% said they would vote for DeSantis, and 82% said they would vote for Biden.

Biden or Trump

In a 2020 rematch of Biden vs Trump, the results are the same as what actually happened in 2020: the poll shows Biden winning.

The poll shows in that rematch, Trump would get 33% of the votes while Biden would have 43%.

16% of the people polled said they would vote for someone else, and 6% said they would not vote at all.

Among the Republican voters surveyed, 77% said they would vote for Trump while 6% said they would vote for Biden. Of the Democrats, 84% said they would vote for Biden and 1% said they would vote for Trump.


"While the election is substantially into the future, these results show that while Trump remains popular among Republican voters, another GOP candidate performs at least as well against Biden," the poll results said.

Marquette also surveyed voters' confidence in the 2020 election and the validity of the ballots.

60% of the people who don't identify with either party said they are confident the 2020 election was fair. Around 90% of Democrats believe the same.

However, only 27% of Republicans believe the election was fair, with 73% saying they are not at all confident in the ballots that were cast or the official results.

The survey also shows Biden's approval rating which has dropped since first polled in July. These results show 46% of voters approve of how Biden has been handling his duties as president while 53% disapprove.

These percentages are down from July when Biden had a 58% approval rating and 42% disapproval.

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