Marquette conservative speech case going to Wisconsin Supreme Court

Posted at 10:20 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 11:40:08-04

The national spotlight will be on Marquette University as it prepares to argue before the Wisconsin Supreme Court after a professor was suspended for a controversial blog post nearly four years ago.

Professor John McAdams wrote a blog in 2014 criticizing a graduate student. He called her out by name for shutting down a discussion in class against gay marriage.

"I think a conservative who kept his head down and didn't say much would be just fine, would be ignored. But I didn't keep my head down when I saw things that looked to be out of bounds," said McAdams.

The case was plucked by the justices and it will skip over the appeals courts.

"I think they thought it was an interesting case. There is an important conversation nationally about how conservatives are treated on college campuses. But this case has nothing to do with that," said Ralph Weber, an attorney representing Marquette University.

Weber will argue this is a case about a private business exercising its employer rights.

"It has a right to protect the safety of its students. It has the right to make sure that it's professors act professionally. And those are the rights that are being enforced here," said Weber.

But conservatives are arguing universities are a place where liberals are protected and not the opposing viewpoint. McAdams said he lost his job while using his free speech rights. 

If the court upholds his case McAdams said he is going back to the classroom.

"Although I have complete contempt for the people running Marquette, the students are a different matter," said McAdams.