Man visiting Wisconsin captures amazing photos of red-winged blackbird landing on flying bald eagle

ANTIGO, Wis. -- Wisconsin gives us plenty of moments to stop and appreciate its beauty.

A Virginia man visiting family in the northern part of the state captured one of those moments with his camera recently when he noticed a red-winged blackbird catching a ride on a soaring bald eagle.

Chris Tolton says he was visiting relatives in Antigo when a friend told him there was an eagle in the area of Remington Lake.

Looking to put his photography skills to practice, Tolton headed over and noticed the blackbird hop on the eagle's back as it flew from a tree, screeching all the while. He believes the blackbird was protecting its nest, which was located in the same tree the eagle was looking for a meal.

"After the redwing blackbird left the eagle's back he followed and re-landed on the eagle, as seen when flying towards distant trees. The eagle eventually returns to the tree to only be chased off again," Tolton explains on his website.

Tolton, who says he has taken to photography more since his retirement, was formerly a Secret Service agent.

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