Man v. Food features Sobelman's 'chicken beast' Bloody Mary

Posted at 10:27 PM, Aug 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 09:43:37-04

The Travel Channel featured three Milwaukee establishments in its show “Man v. Food,” Monday.

Jake’s Deli, Mader’s and Sobelman’s were each in the spotlight. Sobelman’s got the network nod, not for the burgers, but rather its Bloody Marys.

Sobelman’s Pub and Grill is known for its big fat burgers, ludicrous Bloody Marys and friendly service. The popular pub is fast becoming a must-eat-and-drink stop for out of town visitors.

Molly Zindorf from Annapolis, Maryland heard about Sobelman's during a lunch stop Sunday.

“And a bartender at the lunch place said you have to go to Sobelman's,” she said. “She said you have to try a Bloody Mary. She said it'll have fried chicken. It'll have a cheeseburger. It'll have a steak sandwich. It'll have a bratwurst. Whatever.”

That Bloody Mary with the fried chicken is the chicken beast. It’s credited with attracting the Travel Channel's Man v. Food to the Milwaukee restaurant.

The funny thing, Dave Sobelman said that those preposterous Bloody Marys weren’t originally intended for sale, just Facebook.

“There was no purpose other than the post,” he said. “We did not intend on selling these things. But a couple of them caught the attention of many, many, many Facebook fans and customers and we were forced to sell a Bloody Mary with a cheeseburger slider first and ultimately a Bloody Mary with a chicken in it.”

But life imitates social media. Dave and company sold four of the $60 chicken beast Bloody Marys in these 80-ounce glasses Monday night.