Man shot by Racine police faces 6 charges

Posted at 6:39 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-26 19:39:15-04

The man Racine police shot last weekend is being charged.

Jeremiah Golden, 32, an accused gunman who police say refused to drop his gun was shot outside of the Tropical Paradise bar along Douglas Avenue.

Monday, Golden was in front of the judge for the first time. He’s facing six charges for both drugs and a gun.  

According to the criminal complaint Golden was waiting outside of the bar when a large group of people began walking close to him.

Police say Golden then walked up to his car pulled out a gun firing three shots into the air. We’re told shortly after a marked squad car came and Golden started running. 

As he ran by the bar another Racine police officer ordered him to the ground and told him to put the gun away. Police say Golden didn’t listen, next thing you know he was shot and handcuffed on the ground.

The gunman is said to have had 23 individually knotted baggies containing what was believed to be crack cocaine along with some marijuana in his possession.

His injuries are non-life threatening and he was treated at the hospital.

When questioned by police Golden said he partially blacked out and could not clearly remember firing three shots and running from police.

Golden, a convicted felon, admitted to police he knew he wasn’t supposed to have a gun.

The officer who shot Golden is on administrative leave until this investigation is complete. Anyone with information is urged to contact Racine Police.