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Man leads police on high speed chase after handing over bag of weed

Posted: 10:36 PM, Nov 29, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-30 04:36:58Z

A traffic stop turned into much more after the suspect handed a bag of marijuana to an officer before taking off. 

Early Tuesday morning, Elm Grove Police pulled over 39-year-old Trevor Thompson for making an illegal left-hand turn. As the officer approached the car, he saw a bag in the backseat he suspected had marijuana in it. 

"What's in that bag right there?" the officer asked. "Do you have an answer or no? What's that?"

"I don't have an answer," Thompson said.

"Is this marijuana?" the officer asked.

"Yeah," Thompson replied.

But that wasn't the end of the ordeal. After he handed over the goods to the officer, the officer saw something else in the car. 

"Is that another bag down there?" the officer asked. "Full of it?"

At that moment, Thompson took off down Bluemound Road at high speeds. He turned into the Target parking lot, going behind the building and weaving in between parking spots before getting back on the roadway.

Police actually canceled the pursuit because of safety reasons but Thompson got into a crash a short while later. As police pulled up, he ran from the scene and wasn't caught. 

"Yeah, he's got another big bag down there," an officer said in the dash cam video, shining his flashlight into the car's passenger window. 

It wasn't the last bag they found either. There were three large mason jars with weed in a white and read Ruvilla bag, one large three-gallon bag with weed labeled "Sour Diesel," one half-gallon bag of weed labeled "Skunk Sack", and two smaller mason jars with weed in it. In total, the car had 315.9 grams of weed or just under three-fourths of a pound. 

Thompson turned himself in Wednesday morning and faces more than 10 years in prison for Fleeing or Eluding a Traffic Officer, Possession with intent and Obstruction.