Man given place to sleep by stranger wanted for burglary, vandalism

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-07 17:01:47-05

MILWAUKEE -- A Good Samaritan gave a homeless man a warm place to sleep, and he was repaid with theft and vandalism.  Police say the suspect stole several items, and used spray paint to damage the place before he left.

"I was shocked of course," said Shloimo Seskutov.

Seskutov loaned the man a sleeping bag and an office space. It's the start of a small synagogue near Holton and Meinecke.

"I just like to help," explained Seskutov.

The visitor was a good house guest for a few nights, but Seskutov started to notice changes.

"Then eventually something strange happened like he brought this table from somewhere. He brought a bike."

Then he said the man broke through the ceiling and rummaged through connected businesses.  He took checks and left behind graffiti. The alleged suspect has a lengthy criminal record.

Neighbors are disappointed.

"I'm really sad that something like that happens when somebody helps people out and they take advantage of it...we just have to be more diligent on who we try to help out," suggested Richard Franklin, Riverwest.

"It makes you a little bit depressed, but I'm usually optimistic about stuff and I hope that our community comes together and really tries to right this wrong essentially," explained Cory Ruegg, Riverwest.

Seskutov hoped speaking out would make this the last time the man preyed on kindness.

"Now everybody in this community is aware about who this guy is," said Seskutov.

The victim reached out to the man who was staying at his place, and he denied everything. Police are looking for the known suspect. 

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