Man fatally shot on Milwaukee's north side

Posted at 6:49 AM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 18:23:37-04

Milwaukee Police are investigating a fatal shooting on the city's north side. It happened around 2:15 a.m. near 18th and Vine.

According to a news release, officers responded to the scene and found a 35-year old victim in the street. Efforts to revive him by both police and fire crews were not successful. 

Thao Chang, who lives nearby, said he was shocked to see his neighborhood flooded with police cars.

MPD officers shut down a block of 18th Street between Vine and Walnut for more than five hours as they investigated the shooting.

"I got here and immediately contacted my family," Chang said. "I asked them, what's going on?"

Chang said he was "worried" by the shooting.

"It's usually a quiet area here," he said.

One block east of the crime scene workers at the House of Peace, run by Capuchin Community Services, said the shooting left them stunned.

"It was shocking and certainly I'm very saddened," said Gerri Sheets-Howard, the House of Peace's Administrative Director.

She said the facility seeks to promote peace in the neighborhood through a food pantry and the distribution of free clothing. The House of Peace also provides locals with a place to go for worship and important dialogue, Sheets-Howard said.

Father Perry McDonald, Pastoral Director for Capuchin Community Services, said the area around the House of Peace is typically safe.

"Lots of people come through here, come through the building each day, with no problems," McDonald said.

He worries Wednesday's shooting might deter people in need from stopping in.

"To even see or hear about this particular tragedy just makes me sad," McDonald said. "It kind of destroys all the good we try to do in the neighborhood."

Police have not commented on whether the victim in this morning's shooting was targeted, or what led up to the crime.