Man drowns at Milwaukee Best Western

Posted at 3:00 PM, Aug 02, 2016

MILWAUKEE -- A man's death at a Milwaukee Best Western pool is under investigation by police. He drowned while swimming at the hotel pool at 5105 S. Howell Ave. Witnesses are calling this a tragic accident.

The Thor family was staying just a few rooms down from the pool when they say a man jumped to swim. The heard screams and crying and went to find out why. They say the man had gone into the pool after his wife told him it was dangerous.

"She told him not to go in cause he couldn't swim and he said, 'I'm going to do it anyway' and jumped in,'" says Toni Thor.

Kristen thor says the pool did not look that deep to her, and wonders if the man thought the same thing.  

"He probably thought of he went to the bottom he could jump up and be right back on the side," says Kristen Thor.

But the man never resurfaced.  The Thor's say one of their family members called 9-1-1 as hotel employees pulled the man out of the pool. Paramedics tried to do CPR but it was too late. 

It only adds to the tragedy the Thor's are already dealing with. This all happened while they were getting ready to go to the wake for the father of Kristin Thor's young son. They had to explain another family is now dealing with the same thing they are.

"His children were in the hallway crying and I didn't want my son to see them crying because we're going to his dad's funeral," says Toni Thor, refering to his stepson.

Best Western has no comment on the situation. A coroner says an autopsy will be done Wednesday.