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Driver dies after fleeing police, crashing car into tree on Milwaukee's northwest side

Posted at 3:34 PM, Dec 16, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say a driver has died on the northwest side Saturday afternoon after crashing into a tree at high speeds. It happened a short time after the driver took off from a minor traffic stop. 

A quiet afternoon in a neighborhood near 59th and Locust was rattled by the sound of a Chevy Impala crashing into a tree in Aracelice Negon’s front yard. 

“It was so quick, my heart just stopped,” said Negron. 
Negron says she ran outside and soon realized there was nothing she could do two help the two inside the vehicle besides call 911. 

“The car was twisted, we saw two person, the first person was unconscious, the second one was also unconscious,” she said. 

Emergency crews rushed to the scene to a car wrapped around a tree. It appeared impact happened on the driver’s side.  

“It was tough, they couldn’t get them out at first, trying to bang out the windows and get the car doors open and get them out,” said witness Joshua Lapp. 

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. His female passenger was rushed to the hospital for serious injuries. Milwaukee police quickly discovered they were in the same vehicle officers pulled over earlier in the afternoon for a minor traffic stop. Police said the driver took off at high speeds as officers approached the car. Police did not pursue the fleeing vehicle that ended up losing control less than half a mile away, taking the life of the driver. 

“You have to learn at some point your life is not worth running from the police. If you did something wrong, accept the consequences,” said Michael Sledge. “Your life is never worth losing over something stupid like this.” 

Police continue to investigate this incident. The victims’ names have not been released.