Man arrested in connection with Sherman Park looting

Suspect faces felony burglary counts
Posted at 4:19 PM, Aug 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-27 19:55:12-04

A Milwaukee man has been charged in connection with burglaries that occurred during the violent protests in Sherman Park earlier this month.

Darius Saxton, 27,faces three felony burglary counts.

According to a criminal complaint, on August 13, Saxton was part of a group of looters that robbed a PCS Metro cell phone store at 3524 West Burleigh Ave., the O’Reilly Auto Parts store at 3405 West Fond du Lac Ave., and Jet Beauty at 3501 West Burleigh Ave.

Saxton reportedly told investigators that he was a friend of Sylville Smith, the man who was shot by a Milwaukee Police officer that afternoon. He said he become more upset as the evening progressed and helped a group of looters gain access to the auto parts store, although he claims he never entered the business.

According to the criminal complaint, Saxton admits to then going to the cell phone store which was also being looted, tried to find an iPhone charger for his phone, but didn’t take anything after being unable to find one.

Saxton reportedly confessed to going to the beauty store next, joining a group of looters who were stealing merchandise, and took several items of lingerie which he ultimately dropped on the street.

Saxton could face up to 12 years in prison for each count if convicted of the crimes.


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