Alleged drunk driver plows into Greenfield home

The man was arrested on suspicion of his third OWI
Posted at 6:13 AM, Jul 29, 2016

GREENFIELD -- A mother and her five children were forced to find other accommodations, according to neighbors, after a drunk driver barreled into their rented townhome Thursday night. 

According to Greenfield police, a 39-year old man from Franklin drove his truck into the house, near 51st and Forest Home Avenue, just before 9:30 p.m. 

The part of the home damaged by the vehicle was deemed uninhabitable because of structural damage, police said.

Angel Johnson lives in the portion of the townhome that wasn't impacted. 

She said she feels for her neighbor and her children, adding she doesn't know where the woman and her kids stayed Thursday night. 

"She was very upset," Johnson said. "She was pretty devastated that the driver left without even knowing if everyone was safe in the house." 

Johnson, who has four children living in her portion of the townhouse, said one of her neighbor's kids was in the kitchen minutes before the truck came crashing through one of its walls.

"She got out right on time," Johnson said. 

Michael Jensen, who lives nearby, said he saw a large, white truck with no headlights driving on Forest Home Avenue minutes after the crash. 

Jensen arrived in his neighborhood, only to hear that the truck seen crashing into the townhome fit the description of the one he'd just seen. 

"I turned around and followed him," Jensen said. 

Jensen eventually saw the man come to a stop in an alley near 48th and Oklahoma. 

"I just waited and called 911," he said. "Police were there in a few minutes." 

When asked why he hit the house, the man in the truck stated, “Drank too much," police said in a press release. 

He was arrested on suspicion of third-offense operating while intoxicated and hit and run. 

Jensen said the man was wearing shorts, but no shoes or shirt, and appeared inebriated. 

Johnson said she and her children are very grateful Jensen helped police locate the alleged drunk driver. 

"I'm just thankful he was around," she said.