Man approaches children on Whitefish Bay playground

Posted at 6:47 PM, Oct 18, 2017

A Whitefish Bay elementary school notified parents about an incident on its playground Tuesday evening. 

The school says an unidentified man approached two kids on the Cumberland Elementary School playground and tried to talk to them. Police say, the man asked about a game they were playing. He did not make any physical contact with the children. 

It was during an after-school care program and staff called the Whitefish Bay police department right away. However, the man left before they got there. After they left, the man returned but when an adult approached him, he left again. 

There are increased patrols at the school and the staff will remain vigilant but parents are still concerned. 

"Nightmares," Christine Kopecky, a mother said. "Maybe this person, as my boys are walking home, could lure them into the car and kidnap them. 

Kopecky feels extremely lucky as she allowed her kids to walk home from school for the first time Tuesday. She says, it's something she won't allow them to do anymore. 

"I'll be right there," Kopecky said. "I'm hoping the school will put extra security for recess and connect."

Others feel this is a good chance to start a conversation with kids.

"You have to talk to your kids," Jim Mead, a grandfather said. "If someone comes up you don't know, get an adult. You don't go near them. You don't go with them. That's the way it is. My granddaughter is in 2nd grade and she knows the people in her life."

The Whitefish Bay School District did not respond to requests for an interview with TODAY'S TMJ4. 

The Whitefish Bay Police Department declined an interview but Chief Michael Young says if he thought there was a true risk, he would go on air to warn parents. However, they'd still like to speak to the man about his intentions. Anyone with information should call them at 414-962-3830.