Majority of fans don't link with Aaron Rodgers

Posted at 9:10 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 09:08:35-04

Aaron Rodgers called on fans at Lambeau to stand united with the players by linking arms during the national anthem. The idea sparked debate even before the game splitting some families on what they would do.

Once the anthem got underway, there were small groups of people, sometimes just two or three who linked arms but the whole stadium did not.

As the Packers versus Bears game was about to get underway the tradition of bringing out the flag onto the field caused the crowd to start chanting “USA, USA, USA.”

While people were tailgating for the game some had already made up their minds what they would do when the national anthem played at Lambeau.

Before the game started it had fans reacting.

“I believe we should salute our flag as it should be saluted,” said David Reinhardt who was not going to link arms.

“I’m going to do this,” said Paul Schraufnagel showing how he would take off his hat and put it over his heart. “I’m not going to lock arms,” 

“I will be there to link arms with whomever wants to do it with me,” said Amanda Lobes who traveled from Nashville to cheer on the Packers.

Inside the stadium fans spoke out with signs some reading: “Let’s Play Football not Politics” and ”Strength Lies in Difference not in Similarities.”

The national anthem debate even had families divided. A wife planned to hold her friend’s arm while her husband, Matt Knight planned to stand holding his hand over his heart. He said he was going to do it to honor his brother who is a firefighter. Erika Knight said she was speaking up for free speech.

A group of brothers also stood separate in the issue. Dave Bindl said he was locking arms with his nephew.

“To unify the country,” said Dave Bindl.

Even showing how he could keep his hand over his heart while he did it. But his brother who was standing right next to him said no way.

“I think it is a disservice to the veterans of the United States is America that fought for this country,’ said Mark Bindl.