Longtime George Webb employee has now seen two free burger giveaways

Shelly Engleman started working there in 1987
Posted at 9:57 PM, Oct 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-18 23:15:23-04

Hungry fans stood in line for George Webb's "12 in a row" promotion on Thursday. But for one employee, it brought back memories of 31 years ago. 

Shelly Engleman has worked for George Webb on and off the last 31 years. She was there working part-time after school the last time the Milwaukee Brewers won 12 games in a row. 

"Everybody was just like 'Oh my God 12, they did it," she said. 

In 1987, she says the promotion went on for eight hours, and they had lines stretched around the building. 

This time around, they still had lines, but only offered the burgers for four hours. 

"That was a long day," she said. "This time only four hours with a limited menu, so it works out really well." 

Now, she's a district manager at several locations, but that doesn't stop her from interacting with her regulars. 

"She treats us super nice," said Jack Hase, a George Webb regular. "There's eight or nine of us and she always make sure we can all sit together at the counter." 

His friend Dan Vadnais added, "Just love her. She's really a nice person and we joke around a lot."

George Webb has become Shelly's second home. And the people, she says, are the reason she won't be retiring any time soon. 

"I have met the best people working here," she said. "They're family. They're my family, that's all I can say."