Local woman first from WI in Army airborne infantry

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jun 09, 2016

The first Wisconsin woman to join the Army airborne infantry heads to boot camp in January, but TODAY'S TMJ4 caught up with her just one day after she signed up.

Deja Evans had options for her future.

"I would have probably taken the route of my musical career. I play the trumpet," she said. That is, if she hasn't become the first woman from Wisconsin to join the Army airborne infantry, the second Wisconsin woman to enlist in the Army infantry.

"I'm honored to be one of the first. And kind of lead the way. I've always seen myself as a leader," said Evans.

Without realizing how significant her enlistment would be, Evans joined to serve. She said she enjoys the idea of being a hero and helping people.

It may run in the family, since her father is a retired Army airman.

"I called him up, I said I qualified for airborne, what do you think about me doing it? He said like, there's a big physical toll that it's going to take on you, but I know that you can do it," Evans recalled.

She can now, but until December 3, 2015, women couldn't enlist for combat.

"Just because of you're male or female, that doesn't matter, once you put the uniform on you're a soldier," explained Staff Sergeant Richard Cubbage, the recruiting officer.