Local teachers and students share tips to reduce anxiety for ACT

Posted at 1:44 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 14:45:54-04

WAUKESHA -- Thousands of students across the state and country will take their ACT test this weekend.

This standardized test helps determine when and where a high school graduate will go to college.
Waukesha North Junior, Olivia Bennett, is focused on her future. She'll spend the next few months studying for the ACT.

“I'm hoping for a 30, I know that's a big score to go for but I think it would be great,” said Bennett.

She isn't alone.

“I want to do anything I can to get the best score possible,” said Waukesha North Junior Jack Hauser.

Jack and Olivia are both in ACT prep classes; where the two juniors aren’t just reviewing material, but the best ways to stay relaxed and manage their test anxiety.
“With anxiety students feel rushed, they go too quickly they forget some of the things they learned. There's a lot of problems that rise with anxiety,” said teacher Mike Deml.
Teacher Steve hatch suggests taking timed practice tests,  to help cut down on the stress  during actual test day. If you're stumped by a question, he says, put a star by it, move on to the next question and then review starred questions when you have extra time.

“When you get to question 10 look at your clock manage your time when you get to question 20, look at your clock,” said Hatch.
For the writing portion of the test,  Deml advises to  take the time to organize your ideas, don't just jump right into writing a lot of times the ideas get muddled and aren't expressed in the best way,” said Deml.
Experts also advise getting there an hour early. If you're stuck in traffic, or need to take care of something when you get to the test site, that too can create anxiety.

Both Olivia and Jack say they've already put some of these tips into practice for their everday tests and feel more prepared for the ACT.