Students raising money to attend global contest

Posted at 4:49 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 18:24:50-04

Some local children are preparing to represent Wisconsin in a global competition later this month.

It's Grafton against the globe as 5th graders from St. Joe's, who took state, soon head to Tennessee. They'll face competitors from 43 states and 17 countries in a battle branded "Destination Imagination."

It's one part problem solving, one part performance - all parts engaging.

"It teaches you science, technology, engineering, math," explains student Grant Shipley.

Cranking up critical thinking skills seems to inspire not only students, but some educators as well - like team advisor Amanda Matthews.

"It pushes them to think bigger, to solve problems in a unique way and then to again present that to other people which is a skill in itself," Matthews says.

You can spot it in inquisitive eyes examining pieces of a puzzle – together.

"It builds a team, and you need a team to do stuff like this," student Emily Dickmann says.

Math may be their biggest hurdle now -- adding $8,000 to cover travel costs. Of course, they are already working on solutions --from bake sales to brat fries -- there's no doubt they'll get there.

The four-day competition in Knoxville begins in two weeks, on May 25.