Local soldier's homecoming falls on fitting day

Posted at 7:00 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 20:28:51-05
A Mukwonago soldier's homecoming fell on a very fitting day. Balloons, signs and flowers lined Concourse E at Mitchell Airport giving more meaning to Veterans Day.
"I'm just waiting for my mom to get home," said ten-year-old Keira Simons.
Simons and her two siblings have been without 'Major Mom' throughout her deployment in the Middle East. For father Raymond Simons, taking over both duties has come with challenges.
"The multi-task piece I think is unnatural for a male role and it took a few months," he said.
Simons, a veteran himself, knows what it's like to be away for duty. He said being on the other end is just as emotional.
"I think I'm going to fight back tears," he said.
Anticipation built for several moments as Micki Simons walked up the concourse in civilian clothes to a group hug from those she missed the most. Behind them stood a long line of friends and neighbors. Even those they didn't know were there to say thank you.
"I'm shaking because I know I'm home for awhile now and I don't have to go anywhere," Micki said.
"It's hard for me to speak at this point," added Raymond.  
After a long year of her young kids growing up on her, Micki has a lot to catch up on.
"You won't believe what dad did,” said one of her children. “What? Tell me all your secrets," added Micki.
While Friday was a welcome home Simons won't soon forget, she asks everyone else to remember those still serving.
"Just keep in mind all of those that are still deployed and are heading that way," she said.