Local retailers welcome post-Christmas shoppers

Posted at 3:25 PM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-26 16:25:28-05

Bright and early, employees at Kohl's and other major retailers everywhere were ready for the post-Christmas lines.

 It's the biggest day of the year for returns, when shoppers are taking back those not-so-perfect-gifts.
Last year 63 billion dollars worth of merchandise was returned, according to the national retail federation. 
“I'm returning some stuff that she told me she wanted and then she changed her mind,” said Karen Mihm.
“Just some bad choices by the husband for Christmas,” said another early shopper at the Kohl’s on Elmbrook Shopping Center.
Shoppers are hitting the stores to check out the new bargains and mark-downs on Christmas items, which can be more than 60 percent off the day after Christmas and stored for next year.
Post-Christmas shopping is also when people are spending those gift cards and at Kohl’s their redeeming their Kohl’s cash.
“I come here and I buy like Christmas gift cards, because I like the store. The people are so nice,” said another shopper.  
However, after this post-Christmas sale, shopper says they are pretty much done hitting the stores.
“I'm glad it's over and there's not too much to return.”