Local pumpkin farmer, survivor, raising money for pancreatic cancer research

Posted at 9:16 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 10:58:47-04

A Racine County pumpkin farmer is giving back to a cause close to heart this season.  

Ken Swan battled pancreatic cancer and is now asking customers to help raise money for research. He will match the first $5,000 raised.

"I found people to be quiet receptive to rounding up it's gratifying," Swan said.

Most customers round up their total when the cashier at Swan's Pumpkin Farm asks if they'd like to round up for pancreatic cancer research.  

"We try to donate to everything that we can I mean it's just something we do," said Jenni Waller, a customer.

Most people donate without knowing pancreatic cancer is a cause important to Swan's Pumpkin Farm.

"I know that everything counts when you're donating so even the smallest amount can help," said Joe Campbell, a customer.

Swan knew something wasn't right when he started losing weight quickly.  Doctors found a cyst, which led to surgery where part of Swan's pancreas was removed.  Chemo to fight pancreatic cancer came next.

"Last pumpkin season I struggled through and I had a lot of good help from the staff here at the farm, but this year I'm back to almost normal," Swan said. 

One-hundred percent of the proceeds raised goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

"Hopefully to make a difference so that down the road there's they find a cure for it and generations to come will have a little easier time," Swan said.

Customers have raised $3,500 so far.  You can round up through Oct. 31.

To learn more visit the farm's website.