Local pastry chef to open bakery run by youth

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jul 27, 2017

MILWAUKEE, WI - Local entrepreneur and pastry chef, Darrin Reasby, is on a mission to change the bakery business by opening the doors to a shop run primarily by teens and young adults.

“I’m giving something back to the youth," Darrin Reasby said.

"And making sure that they get something out of it," he continued.

That’s why Reasby, who’s been baking for just over two years, is opening up “R U Kidding Me Bakery” in Milwaukee's Bronzeville neighborhood. The bakery will specialize in creative and unique cakes because Reasby said his goal is to train teens to run all facets of the bakery business.

“I want to give back to the people that [are] in my community [and] that look like me," Reasby said.

"[The people] that have same aspirations and dreams like me," he continued.

Reasby’s own dreams were halted just a couple of years ago. He was diagnosed with heart failure and wait-listed for a heart transplant. However, even in the midst of this difficult time, he never lost sight of making this bakery a reality.

“While I was laying there waiting to get my heart and I was on the list I know I wanted to accomplish this and finish through and see it through," Reasby said.

Two years later, Reasby has a new heart, but his mission to help Milwaukee youth is something that remains unchanged.

“I’m still going," Reasby said.

"I’m still working at my dream no matter what," he continued.

R U Kidding Me Bakery is slated to open in October. Reasby is also hosting a fundraiser Sept. 3, at the Sheraton Milwaukee Northshore. All proceeds from the event benefit the opening of the bakery.