Local non-profit sacking concussions one helmet at a time

Non-profit sacking concussions with new helmet
Posted at 9:54 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 23:17:37-04

A local non-profit, Helmets to Heal, is trying to sack concussions and increase participation in youth football by using state of the art technology on kids in Southeast Wisconsin.

"Trying to show that through better technology and educating parents, educating players and working at the ground level that we are able to lower concussions," said Kyle Oppenheimer, Helmets to Heal Executive Director. 

Horlick High School alum Kyle Oppenheimer teamed up with Xenith, a company that makes helmets for the NFL. 

"Their helmets are designed to decelerate the head," Oppenheimer said. 

Horlick Head Coach Brian Fletcher called Helmets to Heal a blessing. 

"What they're doing is amazing for a school like our's," said Brian Fletcher, Horlick High School Head Coach.  "I think for us it's a matter of being able to afford that top of the line technology and having somebody like Helmets to Heal help us out is huge."

The non-profit has donated more than 200 helmets to Horlick, Park and Case with help from sponsors.  The athletes approve.

"They have a lot more protection than the other helmets did," said Nico Gullo, Horlick Senior.

"They're really great helmets.  I love how they have the bonnet system and they strap onto your head nice and tight," said Nick Nelson, Horlick Senior.

This is something older helmets don't have.

"What happens is the bonnet becomes part of your head and the shell is basically free floating with the straps that are connected by the screws," Oppenheimer said.

The helmets can't prevent concussions, but Oppenheimer hopes getting safer technology on kids heads will help keep the sport alive.

"One helmet at a time as many helmets as I can get out as fast as I can get them out as many donations as I can get," he said

You can learn more about the non-profit here.