Local mom tests out pre-ordering at Wisconsin grocery services

Posted at 10:28 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 23:28:43-04

It can be an all-out event to go to the grocery store, especially if you have kids.

So what if the grocery store came to you? Or had your groceries waiting for you when you get to the store? TODAY'S TMJ4 tagged along with a busy stay at home mom in Racine as she tested three different options.

Julia Rasmussen told us grocery shopping can be hectic with a toddler and a 5-year-old.

“She's trying to get out of the cart. She wants to be free. They throw in candy bars or snacks,” said Rasmussen.

The busy mom was anxious to try grocery delivery services or a shop online and pick up option.

“I hope it will make things easier and allow me to spend more time with my girls,” exclaimed Rasmussen.

She tested Sendik's, Pick 'n Save and Peapod.

Sendik’s told TODAY'S TMJ4 once an order is placed, personal shoppers employed by the store, pick out your items like they would for their own family.

“Let’s go grocery shopping,” said Julia who was at first skeptical since the nearest pickup location was 36 minutes away.

It took about 20 minutes to register and then shop from her desktops. The option is available on an app too. All of it was a little overwhelming for Julia.

“You're getting all the items at once. In the store you know what they are, what you're looking for and you go straight to it,” said Julia.

She set the pickup for about three days out and chose an exact time.

“You call the number when you get to the parking area.  Somebody comes out with your groceries and they load them up for you,” Rasmussen said, after going through the process.

The same happened with Pick ‘n Save, the store allowed her to change the order within hours of picking up.

But this time, it wasn't a store employee checking off her grocery list. Instead, a third party contractor through a company called Instacart did all the shopping.  Julia says the shopper called her a couple times to check in. Making her more comfortable about someone else picking out her family's produce.

“Something was going to be expiring so she offered an alternative item,” she said.

The busy mom also tried Peapod. The service didn’t leave as much time to change her delivery order as she did with the local pickup options. But she could modify her list the day before.

“We have some groceries and we didn't have to go anywhere. The fruits and vegetables look great. Everything was cold,” said Rasmussen.

As for the prices, the companies say they are the same you would see in stores.

One week Sendik's had the cheapest gallon of 2 percent milk. When it came to bread,  Pick ‘n Save and Peapod tied for the lowest price.

Julia says she was able to get her week's worth of groceries for about $150 at each store.

Plus a fee under $10 for the services.

“I told my husband I'd pay that anytime as Iong as I never have to sit in a grocery store again. It's awesome!” she said. 

You might think with delivery being roughly the same price, Julia would use that option over a pickup, but she surprisingly liked the human interaction experience choosing to use Pick ‘n Save for the future.

Julia told TODAY'S TMJ4, that even with the half hour long drives, she would switch over to doing in-store pickups.

A couple days later, a store in her neighborhood started doing the pickup option.

TODAY'S TMJ4  reached out to all the companies who say as they have plans to expand, more stores will offer the services.