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Local mom struggles to get specialized baby formula after major recall causes shortage

"Right now, my problem is not getting formula."
Posted at 5:36 PM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 18:36:00-04

The impact from a major baby formula recall is still lingering months later across the country and here in Southeast Wisconsin.

As parents, the main goal is to always keep your baby clothed, feed and happy, but for Jamie Calder, keeping her baby fed has become a nightmare.

Calder said being a first-time mom has come with a lot of new responsibilities and joys.

"It's been exciting, stressful and challenging," Calder said.

But, the stress isn't coming from lack of sleep.

"Right now, my problem is not being able to get formula," she stated.

Calder's two-month old son Brooks requires a special hypo-allergenic formula. She said that's because he suffers colic.

As of late, she cannot get her hands on the only formula that works for him.

"My husband is on his phone all the time looking on Target app and Walmart app to see if they have formula with no luck," Calder said.

So, she's turned to a Facebook group for help and lucked out with two cans.

However, it's only relief for now. Calder said the two cans will only last for 48 hours.

The massive recall from Abbott at the beginning of the year and supply chain issues has left many shelves nearly empty, and stores limiting the number of cans parents can buy.

Message posted at a Walgreens in Waukesha
Message posted at a Walgreens in Waukesha

We saw this message at a Walgreens in Waukesha.

At Target in Bayshore, a store manager told us they get shipments, but they fly off of shelves.

Until the supply catches up to the demand, the Hunger Task Force Director Sherrie Tussler said they could be the saving grace for families. Tussler encourages parents and guardians to reach out early and often.

"We were lucky enough to have an individual donor donate an entire semi-load of infant formula," Tussler said. "If you need help, you should ask for it, especially if it's for a baby."

For now, Calder said it's back to square one.

"The next step would be trying another formula," she said with worry.

For a list of all food pantries the Hunger Task Force works with, click here.

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