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Local mom rents out baby equipment so you don't have to travel with it

Posted at 12:05 PM, Jun 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 10:55:09-04

You've probably seen families struggling to juggle all their stuff at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport. A Muskego mom is working to change that scenario.

"It's been life-changing for the way families vacation," said Morgan Konkel.

Konkel rents out baby gear through a website called BabyQuip.

"I have about 10 car seats," said Konkel. "I have about seven cribs. We offer regular or organic mattresses and then over here we have a bath tub. We have some of our space saver high chairs."

If Konkel doesn't have what you're looking for stored in her shed or her laundry room, she will try and find it.

"If it's something that I can get from Amazon or a different website I usually get it," she said.

The work doesn't stop there.

"I then deliver all the of the gear, set it up for them, make sure it's cleaned and sanitized and then bring it back home when they're done."

BabyQuip CEO Fran Maier started the company with one mom in 2016. Now there are more than 400 providers. You can find 10 in Wisconsin.

"We love the fact that our providers are moms so they really get what other traveling families need," said Maier.

Maier said on average, providers are making more than $500 a month, allowing moms like Konkel to work from home.

"For us and what we need, it's enough to be able to support what our family needs and the best thing is I get to be home with my kids," said Konkel.

Providers set their own prices and determine how far they'll travel. Plus, there's a travel fee.

"You could make the case that might be cheaper just to go buy the stuff," said Maier.

The CEO said it comes down to convenience.

"It's about being able to go to your vacation destination, be it your parents house or your vacation rental or hotel, and the relief of having everything that you need right there set up," said Maier.

Renters are usually families visiting Wisconsin or local grandparents, like Angie Demots. She reserved gear for her grandbaby's visit.

"A crib, bouncer and some toys," said Demots.

Konkel said BabyQuip is easier and cheaper than buying new.

"Pricing was right," said Demots. "The fact that they bring it right to my house, I loved that."

Here's how it works. Go to BabyQuip's website, enter your destination and the dates you need gear. Then, choose a provider and click to reserve your gear.

To contact Konkel directly, click here.

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