Local man: Obamacare saved my life

Posted at 6:13 PM, Mar 03, 2016

Although President Obama's speech was relatively brief, he spent some time shaking hands and thanking people for supporting the Affordable Care Act.

Brent Brown, a Wisconsin man who recently wrote a letter to President Obama telling him the Affordable Care Act saved his life, got a once in a lifetime opportunity to have lunch with President Obama Thursday afternoon.

Brown said prior to the Affordable Care Act, he couldn't get coverage because of a pre-existing medical addition.

He suffers from a serious autoimmune disease and the medical bills racked up.

“Many of these people in the audience have just shared with me that they are in the same situation," Brown said. 

Brent says the Affordable Care Act got him the help he needed.

"I was on death's doorstep," he said. "Now I'm here and alive."

"To be clear, I have never voted for President Obama, ever," Brown said. "I am a Republican who cursed his name, who falsely accused him, and someone who zealously worked to ensure he would never be my president."

You can watch Brown's full remarks here.

Supporters of Obamacare praised the president on his work, but understand there are roadblocks ahead.

“I feel like it still has a ways to go but I think the steps that have been taken for health care is great," resident Joel Peterson said.

Residents say they'd still like to see health care costs drop over time.

President Obama says under the Affordable Care Act, most people can get coverage for under $75 a month, arguing that cost is less than most people's cable or cell phone bills.

9th and Mineral Streets were blocked off during the President's speech. All roads have since re-opened.