Local lawmakers split on Walker's speech

Posted at 10:05 PM, Jan 10, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had mixed reactions to Governor Walker's plan on how to pay for our damaged roads.

Walker said in his State of the State address he wants to invest at least $65 million in local aid, and increase funding to our local bridge improvement program by at least 25 percent.

Walker wants to do all of that without a gas tax or vehicle registration fee increase.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says the Governor did not talk about the entire problem.

"Governor Walker reiterated his position and I understand that he has a no tax increase pledge and that's a preferred option for all of us, but I also think it's not responsible for us to take part of the equation off the table until we see the breadth of the problem," said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, (R) Rochester.

"You cannot sidestep, the buck has to stop with the governor, he has to take responsibility for creating this dilemma that we have. By doing the repeal of the gas tax, those few pennies would have created millions that we would be able to use on infrastructure that is for Wisconsin," said Senator Lena Taylor, (D) Milwaukee.

Republican Senator Alberta Darling tells TODAY'S TMJ4 our transportation funding will be the most challenging to tackle, of all the budget issues they are facing.

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