Local gym pushes bus to raise funds for hurricane relief

Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 19:47:09-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - The recovery from Hurricane Irma is slow but steady and while 10,000 people still remain in emergency shelters in Florida, Wisconsinites are doing whatever they can to help. 

“The hurricane was pretty bad and it pushed," said Michael Sweeney.  

That's why Sweeney, owner of Sweeney's Gym, is taking a break from pumping iron to push back in an effort to give back to hurricane victims affected by recent hazardous weather and flooding.

“We wanted to create a little awareness and doing something out of the ordinary," Sweeney said. 

The pushback idea was formed earlier in the week. Sweeney said he and a few other local business owners collaborated on the effort to give away raffle prizes like a spa day, a free gym membership, and even tickets to the Packers hall of fame. 

“This is just going to be a raffle," Sweeney said. "Originally we were thinking about doing a competition but so many people have shown up and done so good it just really made us all so proud.”

The goal of this event isn't to necessarily raise a certain amount of dollars. Sweeney said his primary goal is pushing the bus and supporting hurricane victims across the country. 

All proceeds from Friday’s event will be donated to the Red Cross. Online donations can be made by clicking here.