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Local groups donate hundreds of turkeys and more for Thanksgiving

Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-19 13:33:27-05

MILWAUKEE -- Several local Milwaukee groups are doing their part to make sure families in need can enjoy Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

A small group from Ogden & Company Inc. provided 100 turkeys and sides to St. Patrick's Parish. They will help 100 parishioner's families have Thanksgiving dinner. 

"It makes me feel wonderful," Nancy Carpenter said. "I've seen them all before. I've been doing it for about 35 years."

Carpenter started this in the 80s. They get donations from employees to help prepare 100 different gift baskets. 

But it's about more than filling area stomachs.

"This is beautiful," Ramona Rivas, a parishioner said. "It brings tears to my eyes every time I come here because families, so many families, are in need."

Helping 100 families is very impressive. At Aurora Family Service they're upping the ante. They have enough to provide dinner for some 3,200 area families.

"Even if the family is not at your table, you know you helped set the table for someone else," Jane Pirsig, Director at Aurora Family Service said. 

Over the last 20 years, they have grown from 100 meals to more than 3,000. 

"We get thank you notes afterwards saying, my Thanksgiving would have never been this way," Pirsig said.

"We have over 110 organizations, daycares, schools and churches who know their families and know this particular Thanksgiving is a hard time for them."

The people at Aurora Family Service came out in full force Monday to help. Despite cold temperatures, they were smiling ear to ear, knowing what they were doing would help those in need. 

"It's pretty empowering to see you can bring joy to other families who might not have the opportunity or be under hard times," Justine Kopp said. "To be part of that collective effort on the beautiful day of Thanksgiving."

Other organizations in the city, like Hunger Task Force, accept donations all year round. For more information, you can visit their website by clicking here