Local group reunites families with pets in Texas following Hurricane Harvey

Posted at 10:50 AM, Sep 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-05 13:38:23-04

PEWAUKEE --  A Pewaukee-based animal rescue group spent the weekend in Houston searching for animals left behind in the flood waters and reuniting them with their families.

"It's hard to see these animals suffer," said Caryn Buege, Operation Bring Animals Home Search and Rescue Team.

Caryn Buege, mother of six, organized "Operation Bring Animals Home Search and Rescue Team" from her Pewaukee home.  The retired police officer formed a team of emergency responders and people with animal experience. 

"We've had to take the airboats up to decks and climb around the decks to access a house," said Buege. "We've had to climb through the windows."

The team has rescued all kind of animals, including a herd of cattle.

"We had to harness them up and basically hold their head above water while we pulled them with the airboat," said Buege.

Even with many challenges, the group has rescued around 120 animals so far.

"It's almost impossible to get into some of these areas because you go from this 4 feet of water to complete dry land," said Buege.

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