Local couple reacts to SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriages

The United States Supreme Court sided with a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple.

The justices voted 7 to 2 that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was biased when it voted against baker Jack Phillips. The court says the lower decision was not tolerant of Mr. Phillips religion, which he based his refusal on. 

A Milwaukee couple says they have experienced similar discrimination while planning their June wedding.

Gatlin Dresidan and his partner Gerald Hyler were never refused service directly but Gatlin says "the conversation went smoothly until you say oh, by the way, this is a same-sex wedding hope that isn't an issue, and it just kind of dropped off."

"Nobody really said no, but I had a couple people just give me outrageous prices. Which kind of made me feel like if I give you this outrageous price then you won't ask me to do it" said Dresidan.

He now uses a business directory from the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce. The directory lists businesses that are friendly to LGBT couples.

Chamber President Jason Rae says that's why they launched it

"[People] who are looking and saying I am looking for XYZ, where can I spend my money with someone I know who will welcome me the moment I walk in the door," Rae said. 

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