Local Brazilians inspired by Olympic games

Posted at 11:01 PM, Aug 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-07 00:27:35-04

MILWAUKEE - The Olympics have given Brazilian students in Milwaukee a reason to dream big.

There's a good sized Brazilian community at UW-Milwaukee and they're concerned about their country's political and economic future. The Olympics have given them hope, that they'll see a gold medal in one way or another.

Brazil spent just half of what London did for the opening ceremony of the 2012 games, but the 2016 rendition still impressed Brazilian native Alexandre Azevedo Filho.

"I was really proud of the people of Brazil," said Azevedo.

The UWM grad student plans to return home after graduation next year.

"So when I go back to Brazil, I know I'm going to find a lot of things different. I hope that things get better, like different for good," said Azevedo.

Right now, Brazil is in economic and political turmoil. Brazil's senate will decide Tuesday whether to move forward and impeach the president.

I think I would just say that the Brazilian people doesn't deserve the politicians that they have,"  said Azevedo.

Politicians forced people from their homes in Rio, to make room for expensive buildings for the Olympics. That's upsetting, even to those who weren't displaced.

"I hope that the facilities that they have developed will be used for people who have been displaced after the Olympics," said Simone Conceicao.

Conceicao is a UWM professor. She grew up in Brazil and believes the Olympics could help turn things around.

"And of course with all the turmoil that things are not getting done, in part it's part of the culture that gets things done." said Conceicao

Students hope the world will look beyond the negatives.

"I think I would like to say to people to watch the Olympics and try to see the real Brazil, not just all of the problems," said Azevedo.