Local auto shop provides prevention stickers after rash of broken windows

Posted at 10:14 PM, Oct 16, 2017

A local business owner is tired of seeing his customers become the victims of thieves, so he’s doing what he can to help stop the problem.

Since last spring dozens of Audi owners have seen their vehicles broken into. According to police, the thieves are looking for a valet key that can be stored in the glove box. 

Tom Almaghrabi is the owner of Safe Auto Glass on 27th Street in Milwaukee. He’s had several customers return several times because of the same type of break-ins.

He decided to print stickers for the windows of cars that say “Attention: No Valet Key or Valuables stored in this car.”

He’s offering them to his customers free of charge, hoping it will stop the thieves.

“The same customers… keep coming back with a busted window. I decided I’m just going to go out of my way and design the stickers” Almaghrabi said. 

Customers like Ruthie Weatherly are thankful for his help. Her Audi was broken into for the 3rd time this weekend and when she had the window replaced, Almaghrabi added the stickers to her car.

Weatherly said after the first time. “I actually came home and made my own sign and kept it in for about 4 days and then I was like, this isn’t necessary anymore.” 

Both Almaghrabi and Weatherly said some Audi owners have resorted to leaving their doors unlocked just to avoid having the windows broken.

Milwaukee police have made arrests in similar cases this summer. A spokesperson says there have been five Audi break-ins in the last week. But they are unsure how many suspects may be responsible.