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Limited testing underway at Slinger Super Speedway as racing and local tracks prepare to return soon

Posted at 10:36 PM, Apr 30, 2020

SLINGER — It's the sound of sports, nearing a return.

"Excited. Finally, get back on the track. You know, we were supposed to start racing three weeks ago, with everything going on? We're kind of at a standstill," Matt Klenz says.

TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan says under orders of less than ten people gathered, limited testing has been underway for the past two weeks, at the Slinger Super Speedway.

"Just getting out there. You know, people seeing us practice at the track, you know I mean gives us and everybody a little hope. Getting back on the track is just a big deal. I'd like to thank some of the people that, you know my sponsors and stuff like that. Uptown Motorcars, which I actually work for. And then Albiero Plumbing in West Bend and a couple small places like Kewaskum Concrete and Schlufty's Bar, you know they're suffering from some of this stuff too," Klenz says.

And Klenz needs it. The first time in this car, the first test. With a slippery track. All hope the tentative May 17th opener can still happen at the Slinger Super Speedway.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely time. We're in the open air. I mean we got, you know, feet and feet of people, you know between people and the race cars and you know, it's an outdoor hobby. It's one thing to practice but to get out there with all the other drivers? That's where it really counts," Klenz says. "And I was honored to be asked to participate in a Concordia University class. As part of the Intro to Sports and Entertainment Business class, they held a virtual NBA expansion draft. Complete with a salary cap, time limits, and real-world experience."

"We're playing for 20 points of extra credit, which can make a significant difference. So it's anybody's ball game right now. Anybody can jump in and win this thing, and have the best draft. And it looks like there's a lot of money left to play with," Assistant Professor Dan Underberg says.

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