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Lime scooters will hit the streets of Milwaukee 'any day now'

Posted at 1:48 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 19:53:44-04

MILWAUKEE — After mixed emotions from residents and city officials, Lime scooters soon will be on the streets in the 414.

"It could be today," said Nico Probst, director of Midwest government relations for Lime. "It could be tomorrow. It could be the day after."

Lime will drop an initial fleet of 500 scooters in the city once the company receives final approval. Mayor Tom Barrett said they will be evenly spread out in three different areas of the city.

"Part of the pilot program is to make sure they're not solely downtown," Barrett said. "We want to make sure they go through other parts of the city. The scooters are coming. It's down to days, not weeks or months, before we start seeing the scooters."

To celebrate the anticipated scooter launch, the company had a 60-minute training course for first-time riders called First Ride Academy. The course teaches riders how to use the scooters safely and appropriately, as well as provide pointers on how to use the Lime app and inform users of the rules of the road in Milwaukee.

"Milwaukee's forward-thinking commitment to providing its community with diverse transportation options is inspiring," said a Lime representative in a news release. "We are excited to partner with the city on that goal and help better connect communities across Milwaukee with our fleet of electric scooters that make it easier and more affordable to get around."

Those who came out had some difficulty getting started. However, after a quick kick and push, they were off and rolling on the hottest new transportation-sharing program across the country.

"I want them on the streets," said Megan Dobyns of Milwaukee. "I was bummed when they were here last year and gone."

"I'm ridiculously excited," said Marie Ortiz of Milwaukee. "I do live on the east side. They're energy efficient, and you don't have to look for a parking space. They're convenient and cheap."

You will have to "look" for a parking space technically with the new electric scooters. Lime said users will have to take a photo of where they parked the scooter after they are finished to ensure they're not in a right of way. Those who do not park in the right spot or disobey other rules could be fined or have their Lime privileges revoked.

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