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Legislators: Waive park fees for 4th graders' families

Posted at 12:15 PM, Sep 30, 2019

MADISON — A bipartisan group of lawmakers is proposing waiving state park entrance fees for fourth-graders' families in hopes of getting kids outside.

Wisconsin residents currently pay $28 for an annual park vehicle admission sticker. The lawmakers' bill would require the Department of Natural Resources to offer free admission to parents who can prove a fourth-grader is a member of the family in the upcoming year.

The DNR estimates the bill could result in up to $244,000 in lost revenue and cost the department $2,500 to implement.

The bill's chief Senate sponsor, Republican Rob Cowles, says the measure will help get kids away from screens and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

The Senate natural resources committee approved the bill unanimously earlier this month. It's now awaiting a floor vote in the Senate.