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Last Mequon-Thiensville school board meeting held ahead of recall election, parents express final concerns

Posted at 10:59 PM, Oct 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 23:59:13-04

MEQUON — More than two dozen people came out to express whether they were for or against this upcoming recall election, and who they think should be in those board members' seats.

At times, Monday night's Mequon-Thiensville school board meeting got emotional.

By both supporters of the recall: "Hundreds of parents have expressed concerns about their children's education and you have essentially told us that our concerns don't matter," said one parent.

And those who support the current board: "It hurts my heart that time, money, and mental wellness has had to be spent on recalls and disruption, instead of all those resources focusing on what I would hope we all agree is most important, which is our children's growth and wellness," said another parent of two children within the school district.

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This meeting comes one week before the district holds its recall election on Nov. 2. Supporters want to remove board vice president Wendy Francour and members Chris Shultz, Akron Khan, and Erik Hollander from their seats. It's a fight that grew out of COVID-19 safety plans and mask requirements.

"On all these points, not once did any of you reach out to us and say what are your concerns. Not once did you listen as this escalated," said another parent.

Recall organizers are backed by conservative groups mobilizing against school boards across the country, the local impact of America's fractured, partisan politics.

"You are still keeping a lot of healthy children out of school, and preventing them from learning," said another.

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Last week, Mequon-Thiensville school board vice president Wendy Francour addressed those concerns, saying the board and superintendent worked together to keep kids safe.

"Our superintendent worked tirelessly all summer with the health department, with other area superintendents. He came up with a plan based on data to reopen the schools responsibly," said Francour.

The upcoming election will be held next Tuesday, Nov. 2. Early absentee is already underway in the district.

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