Missing mother, 3 children found in Georgia

Posted at 10:20 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 15:05:49-04

UPDATE 5/24 12:02 p.m. -- Michalene Melges and her three sons have been found safe in Georgia.

Police tell TODAY'S TMJ4 the family was found by Savannah Police as well as the FBI.

The Lake Geneva Police Department says they will provide further updates "at the appropriate time."


LAKE GENEVA -- A Lake Geneva mother and her three kids are no where to be found.

This is a family well-known in the community. Michalene Melges is one of the top real estate agents in Wisconsin. Famous sailor Buddy Melges is the grandfather to 14-year-old Hans, 12-year-old Kristian "Max" and 10-year-old Maverik "Buddy."

The boy's father last saw his kids and ex-wife 16 days ago.

"I'm just of course sick as hell about the fact that everybody's missing," said Hans Melges, father.

Lake Geneva Police say there's no evidence anyone is in danger, but at this point they're not ruling anything out.

"As more time passes the more concerned we're becoming," explained Lt. Ed Gritzner, with Lake Geneva Police.

Melges says he's shocked, frustrated, and devastated he can't find his family.

"Michalene is a fantastic mother. She would certainly never hurt the children. I'm just more concerned about the safety of them, wherever they may have gone or for whatever reason. Michalene has decided not to check in and tell us where she is," explained Melges.

Police say the four were last seen leaving their home near South Lakeshore Drive May 10.

"On May 9th their mother called them in ... excuses from school for a last minute vacation. The school expected the boys to be back to school on May 16," said Lt. Gritzner.

Michalene rented a van in Lake Bluff, Illinois May 9. The van was returned four days later in Plano, Texas.

"We don't have any evidence showing who dropped that vehicle off or where they may have gone after they dropped it off," explained Lt. Gritzner.

"It's completely confusing why that car would have gone to Texas," said Melges.

Melges said their cell phones are turned off.

"I would like them to know how much everybody in the family loves them and how much they're missed right now," said Melges.

The FBI is assisting with the investigation. Police are looking at multiple states including Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

The four might be traveling with their two dogs, “King” a black in color English black lab and “Gigi” or “Geneva” a white in color Cavalier King CharlesSpaniel.

If you have any information call Lake Geneva Police, 262-248-4455.