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Lake Country Lutheran girls basketball beats rival after 47-game winning streak

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jan 18, 2021

It's a credit to both girls basketball teams: Lake Country Lutheran, finally beating an arch rival with an incredible performance, and Brookfield Academy, finally falling after a 47 game Midwest Classic Conference winning streak.

Lake Country Lutheran girls basketball broke Brookfield Academy's 47 game conference win streak. It's something they'll never forget.

"I for sure, for one, will remember that game forever," Julia Hirt says. "Being a senior, having such a close-knit group as we said earlier, and just being able to get that win. Plus the 31 points on top of it - certainly something I will remember for the rest of my life. For sure."

"We just know how lucky we are to have a season. And how far we've come throughout this entire season so far. So, we're just thankful and glad for what we've been given," Sophia Bachmann says.

And Julia Hirt's 73 pointers made it even more incredible.

"Just like the energy we all bring together is insane. Better than I've ever experienced. We're always having fun," Bachmann says.

"That was just a performance of a lifetime," Hirt says. "Everyone is like a sister to me. Like honestly I could go to any, every single one of them for anything. And we just flow so well on the court together. It's absolutely amazing."

Julia's great uncle, former Major League Baseball umpire Bruce Froemming, doesn't go easy on the refs.

"I get a ton of joy seeing him up there. Seeing me play. It's absolutely amazing," Hirt says.

Lance Allan asks that since he was an umpire, does he get on the refs?

"Oh yes!" Hirt says. "Yes, for sure he does!"

Julia Hirt suffered a knee injury before last year's matchup, so this is a memory she'll never forget.

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